Daniel is professional in his approach to business, his analytical mind and pleasant personality make working with Daniel a pleasure. Daniel is a loving father of five children he enjoys his past time mountain biking with friends and training at the gym. Daniel has successfully achieved many qualifications is his fields. Daniel has always had a connection to technology and is drawn to understanding the mechanical and end users requirements. Daniel was developing websites back in the 1990’s since the birth of the internet Daniel has experienced the evolution and expansion of technology.

Daniel has an extensive knowledge of computer hardware and software his hands on experience from  DOS, 5.1 floppy disk, tape drive, 1.44 floppy, cd, dvd, dual layer, blu ray and all the connected components. Daniel was building and programming computers from a very early age and has continued to understand and work with technology to today's current specifications. Daniel uses a vast range of software from text doc to server backends, Daniel has worked with dos, linux, every known version of windows and mac os. Daniel understands programming and as he has grasped hardware and software from its inception there is almost no problem he can not solve or create a solution for.

Daniel has been self employed his entire career striving to remain an entrepreneur he has also had his ups and downs in business. The invaluable experience Daniel has gained from his ventures has empowered him to bring valuable expertise to his clients projects and their businesses.Today Daniel is operating as a technology consultant and is expanding his creativity as a digital media artist he works on a project basis providing photography, website development, multimedia, technology services and support.

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When you need a professional photographer for a family portrait, special event or product photos, I offer studio and mobile services ..

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When you need an expert to help with technology. I can help you with solutions for your business ..
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Daniel Bunce

Published on Nov 1, 2012

This film was produced by MSIT student, Daniel Bunce.

MSIT Graphic Design students have partnered with Westfield Garden City, Brisbane to produce a mural for display in the Town Square outdoor dining area. The students worked together to provide artwork designs which were shortlisted by Westfield Garden City and the winning design was decided by public vote.