350 Hours

4th Feb 2016

Today I need to develop my ideas the next six months are about pushing myself beyond the limits I have around me. I believe the only limits is my mind and I want to take my thoughts outside the things I have been trained to do. I will emerge myself in the process of being creative and finding out just how far I can push myself. I will convince myself the only reason to exist is to take the seemingly impossible visions from my mind and embed them into creations. I am aiming to evolve a recipe with ingredients meshing technology, photography, elements anything I conceive  in my mind. I will refine and experiment until I create my masterpiece. I will share finally it with others through exhibitions. My reward will be the feeling of completion and knowing I can open my mind and make an idea a real object something tangible that others can enjoy.

Some Assessments require research and experimentation so I started on my project with doing exactly that. Working on my concepts and building the idea into my assignment.

My Research Sources

Internet Websites


Redlands Library  – books on history and evolution of art from photographers
Gerald Smith, The Weekend Artist, Mar 2016
Melanie Testa, Dreaming from the Journal Page, Mar 2016
Lisa Cyr, Art Revolution, Mar 2016
Al Seckel, Masters of Deception, Mar 2016
The Illustrated Story of Art, Mar 2016

9th April 2016

Had an interesting week thinking about achieving my 10 shots and AIPP entries. I am feeling overwhelmed by my ideas, I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I spent some time developing the 5/4 plates from Fort Lytton. It has been a long time since I was in the darkroom developing film. The result was good I went the usual 10, 20,30 second tests ended up trying 23 seconds and cut back too 18 with a bit of dodging.

Back to my photos I started looking back at the very first shoot I did of a friend at a few different locations. I remembered the rocks and sand. We took a series of natural light portraits at the beach on Stradbroke Island and the following week we tried a couple of high end hotels at the Gold Coast. Revisiting the shots I see all my mistakes but I was able to get some nice sharp shots as well. all I wanted to do was use the available sunlight it was very cloudy and I only had a few short chances to use it.

I remember at the time it was good to use a camera and it was what inspired me to take up photography and learn how to shoot like a pro. I spend the next 3 years studying full time.


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