Color and Light

The sun is god when it comes to natural light you can not reproduce it artificially not the real deal. I look at light every day I take notice of its intensity the shadows the places it passes through like fog and trees early in the morning. The rays of light falling from the clouds always mesmerizes me it is so beautiful. You see the particles floating through the air in the light you feel its warmth and I know it make life on the planet exist. it is ancient and as it provides the beauty we see with our eyes in landscapes, over oceans and deserts. it lights our faces and eyes and makes things sparkle no doubt it makes things beautiful.

Working towards my concept on body sculpting I have been experimenting with a lighting that allows me to hide the unwanted aspects of the shot. I am sculpting the subjects form not as rim light but as a light to reveal shape and texture.

About the author: Daniel Bunce

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