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Creating a body of work will be a fun and exciting process, the important components like documentation and research will help me establish a solid basis for my own evolving  into a free minded artist. Exploring will help me unlock my potential simply keeping this blog will be how I document the things on my mind. Maybe emotions and day to day things but the real value is what I get to create and share. I imagine how my journey will unfold as I challenge myself to become a master of my work.

Studying the evolution or art I have realised I wast to try and composite my images over the most ancient medium being stone it is the oldest form of canvas known to mankind. I will shoot a series of suitable photos of rock to try a test with my thoughts.

1st April 2016

The rock and sand tests went well, I have the technical method planned for the combining of the different images. I while back I started planning my 10 shot ideas, these will be for my master exhibition and the 3 AIPP entries. I am finding it hard to get the exact elements for each shot as usual I am making life hard for myself. I need to go to several locations to collect the assets and my main concern is the image quality and the correct lighting.

I wanted to keep my ideas a surprise for my exhibition to have a little more impact so I have not shared it too openly with my group at this point. I also thought about collecting the physical elements I am using and placing them in my final display, this may include projecting on the textures of these items.

Concepts I am working on are nature based and inspired from ancient art starting in caves on stone. I have picked several natural elements to work with and I will combine them with human form. In reverse I will try to use man made objects and add natural elements to them as well as human form.

10712699_10208826404040364_7909238697970403689_n Natural Element is Stone

I like the idea of stone as it is the oldest known
form of canvas for art. I want to combine human
form with the stone. I want it to look like a form
of ancient carving or statue on the stone
maintaining the natural texture in its own environment.

sand test Natural Element is Sand

I am visualising the beach right
where the ocean water moves
back and forth on the shoreline,
in the sand is the form of
human shape. Left is my draft example.

displacementmap_nude Natural Element Wood

Using the grain and texture from fallen trees too mould and carve the female form so it is not looking to unnatural.

The two blend together in harmony the aged timber and the human have now been joined as one.








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