Purling Brook Falls

Today was overcast and drizzly, our group planned to meet at the planed location 9.30 am. I left early to do some exploring on my way. I stopped at Hinze dam for a look and grabbed a few shots then headed to the falls. I noticed some nice water droplets on the flowers so I was inspired to capture the shot some nice colour and shape from the flowers they came out ok.

At the falls I started at the top area and tried to get some shots from the top of the fall but the position and angles from the lookout point made it difficult to get a decent composition. I turned to the landscape and the mist rising from the forest below. I fitted a few filters to cut down the bright white cloudy sky. As the rain continues I shoot the small mountain tops falling off towards the gold coast .

I fell behind the group ad I was taking my time to enjoy the area I headed down the walk shooting a few textures along the way. Stone, wood, moss and some foliage I was thinking I may be able to use them for compositing at some stage. I stopped at each vantage point to take a few more shots of the falls and surrounding landscape as I walked along the pathway descending to to bottom of the falls I paid attention to the light and what it was revealing throughout the forest.

There were plenty of birds but they move to quickly and were too high and mainly in deep foliage so it was too hard to get a shot. Along the pathway the stone steps continued downward are the rain continued to drizzle, everything is wet and shiny the temperature is cool but humid and my camera gear is heavy on my back.

As I get to the bottom of the walk I see the group using the old 5/4 film camera the moisture is everywhere the misty water spray from the bottom of the falls is in the air and the cool fresh feeling with the noise of the falling water makes the magical effect and rewards me for my short hike to this location.

I take a few shots as I approach the falls the pathway surrounded by trees shows a glimps of the falls and some light on the dirt floor leads your eye to the waterfall. Th see the group are heading off over the suspension bridge so I take a few shots and catch up to them on the path way ahead.

It is some walk climbing and climbing  everyone is damp and sweaty it is muggy and we have a decent hike back carrying all the camera gear is a bit of effort. I wanted to use the outing as a bit of exercise so I pushed hard to catch up to the front of the group. Finally I caught up and we made it back to the top lookout area then headed back to the car park.

At the car park the group discovered a few surprises as leeches are showing up on everyone’s legs and feet, after some quick de leaching we pack up have a quick refreshment and head home. Today was a great way to spend a day in nature doing what I love and learning to push myself in my work.

Here are a few of my shots from the day.

“some postcard shots from a rainy day at springbrook”

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