CIty Thoughts

IMG_9279Based on my body landscape work, I think I would take the concept to the cityscape. I had a vision of composting people into the faces of the buildings. I want textures and light to create contrast and depth while a unique angle may give the perspective of the building laying down.

The shots from today were not too extraordinary.  The rush from place to place and the time of day were not ideal scenarios but as photographers we need to be able to work with what is in front of us.

To improve the shots some location scouting and late afternoon light may have assisted in providing a different results.

A few shots from my walk around the streets of Brisbane city for a few hours.

“Creative styling on a few shots from Brisbane City, I am experimenting with some styling ideas.for my arts study.”

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City Shoot Continued
I was off to the city with the blade, I wanted to capture some street level frames for a concept that includes people and architecture. The day was overcast and the city was a little quiet. I walked the streets looking for a shot, I lined up a few street corners and tried to use some longer exposures for a bit of motion blur on vehicles. I walked for two hours street by street looking for something that would work for my idea. I watched the sun dropping and the heavy overcast weather maed the buildings look flat in contrast. I visioned giant people climbing over the buildings like king kong, I tried to shoot some entire structures like the treasury with the 35mm lens I could just frame the shot. I thought about melding the people into the buildings and the architecture.  As the sun dropped I caught a few light trails from the traffic and some skyline shots. I did not find the shot I was after but still got some time exploring so I need to continue exploring this idea further.